Thursday, July 14, 2011

This is the Land Where the Pharaoh Died

"gathering blues"

i'm a no-collar thief
and i'm lookin' for grief
to pass off to you as my charm
gonna find me a fool
and take all his grief
and tattoo it right here on my arm.

this was written in my macro-economics class, room 2301, July 11 somewhere between the hours of six and nine. i hadn't yet read ivan's spiel, but i think it may serve as an appropriate addition.

i'm not too concerned with roman art, ska, the hypocrisy of quantum mechanics, or macroeconomics. It is not my intention to vindicate, validate, or emulate. i just want to play my machine the best i can with the hands that i've got. And if i can't, then i'll borrow someone else's hands. I'm a no-collar thief. And I'm stealing these words as we speak.

post script: the boss beats # 2 should be done by this weekend. be on the lookout for the hexagon e.p.

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