Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boss space Beats

Dear friends,

I present to you the Boss Beats blog. The triple B’s were unintentional but that is how things turn out sometimes. We started this mainly because of our dissatisfaction with facebook and myspace being the creepy old amusement park where only Scooby and the Gang would go. Future plans for this blog is to make available our EP and to give info about future shows and developments (new full length album. What?). We’ve been a band for a while now but it’s the dawning of a new era. We have a show on the 22nd of January with Viernes 13 and Gambler’s Mark at the DawgHouse.

We think you are okay,


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  1. whats up bossbeats im tommy i have mad artwork maybe you can use it,i do alot of lettering i recently got together with jp from viernes and shot him some stuff too ,if your interested let me know ,