Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things that Happened

This blurry picture isn’t actually our crowd, but the crowd that was for Gambler’s Mark. That being said, I was there and our crowd was pretty much like that. I need to remember to take pictures. I’ve never been one for taking photographs. May I regress to the point at hand, the show was good. We played at around 9 and we were later joined by Ruben of Viernes 13. There were a few technically difficulties but it didn’t hinder our performance too much. Gambler’s Mark played well and watching Viernes was like seeing a dear old friend again. On a somber note this was Dylan Miller’s last show with us and all that agree that he pulled all the tricks. He is very talented and he will be missed. We have some shows coming in Feb. on the 25th and the 26th I believe featuring our new drummer Eric Miller. As soon as flyers appear they will be posted.

1. Kings And Queens
2. Return to Spider-Skull Island
3. Only in my Mind
4. Bad Habits
5. Everybody get Together and have a Real Good Time (Without my Music I wouldn’t get by)
6. Riding the Coltrane
7. Get Movin’

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