Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm trying.

Already off to a better start. I don’t really have any news to give. I’m just trying to get into the habit of writing. So to make this blog post not completely worthless I will try my best to talk about a little something about “band stuff”. Well we have show this Saturday at the Dawg House (They really need to change that name, it really sucks). We will be playing with the Hub City Stompers. The flyer that is on our facebook says Factory Minds is playing this isn’t true. The Bohunks are playing. This is yet another show we are playing with our dear friends The Bohunks. If you have come to three of our shows you have probably seen them. If you have seen them then you are probably not the same. After watching the Bohunks you could be pregnant. The Boss Beats have seen the Bohunks so much that we are receiving child support. The Bohunks always are great live and they always take the kids every other weekend. As for Tried and True and the Hub City Stompers I have not seen them I haven’t heard too much about them. I have no opinion. I assume the Hub City Stompers are good since they are touring. Maybe that is a bad assumption but I doubt a band would consider touring if people weren’t coming to see them. It is 21+ and that really sucks. I’m sure they are charging and that sucks too. I have no idea how much. The only information I have is from a flyer and from past experience. Things are supposed to start at eight and that usually means nine or ten. I don’t know when we go on. I wouldn’t rule out first. You can usually tell the line up by the size of the text used for the band’s name. The Hub City Stompers are the biggest, so they are last. Tried and True is the second biggest, second to last.  Factory Minds and the Boss Beats are about the same but they aren’t playing. The Bohunks play often and they have built up a large following I would say so that puts the Bohunks third to last. That puts the Boss Beats fourth to last (first). I hope you come see us play. I wish there were no age restrictions and I wish they charged the bare minimum.

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