Sunday, May 29, 2011

That is why You Fail.

Yup, I was right. I didn’t write set lists. I didn’t take pictures. My phone has been acting up so I doubt I will be taking pictures any time soon. Yeah I take pictures using my phone I don’t have a digital camera. I’ve been super busy with school. There are a bunch of excuses I could make but that would be a waste of vital writing space. So let us not concern ourselves with the past.

            On that note here has we been up to in the past two months: writing shows recording. Obviously no one has been using their time to write in here. All that precious writing time has been used writing songs (in my case essays and songs). As for shows we have had a lot. I wish I could tell you a number but like I said my phone has been acting up so all my old calendar dates have been cleared. Most of them have been good, some have been bad. We were on the (internet) radio. That was cool. Overall it has been okay. Recording has gone good. We’re close to being finished. We have some big plans and I think everything is going to be okay (the really good okay).

            It is unclear what the future holds. Few things are certain. More shows are for certain. New songs, yup that’s probably going to happen. Summer tour…? Maybe. I will try to write in this thing more. I’m not making any promises.


I promise you that we will be playing at the Dawg (Dog) House in Hacienda Heights.

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